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    Employment Law Advocates specialises in the provision of expert advice and advocacy services in employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal, representing both employers and employees
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  • Unfair

    In most cases, an employee needs to have worked for the employer for one continuous year to be able to bring a claim of unfair dismissal. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule ...
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  • TUPE
    Transfer of Undertakings.

    TUPE Regulations protect an employee's rights when the part of the business they work for is sold or transferred. For example, where business A is bought by business B, the rights of the employees of business A ...
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  • Discrimination.

    An employer directly discriminates against an employee (including potential or former employees) when the employer treats the employee less favourably because of a reason related to the employee's sex ...
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  • Maternity &
    Paternity Rights.

    Employers may only refuse time off during working hours to attend ante-natal appointments where they have reasonable grounds to refuse ...
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