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Research Study States Many Car Mishaps and Injuries Take Place on Saturday

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Weekends are the Least Safe Times to Drive

Are some days more harmful to be on the roadway than others? According to a recent article in Customer Affairs, weekends are the most dangerous days for car accidents, and the “most harmful day of the week to drive is Saturday.” Friday and Sunday are next in line when it concerns the most harmful days to be driving due to the greater probability of a car mishap injury.

To reach this conclusion, scientists took a look at information from the Deadly Analysis Reporting System of the National Highway Traffic Security Administration (NHTSA). The information collects details about automobile crashes and categorizes them based upon the day of the week they happened, in addition to the time of day. What did the research study discover?

In other words, Saturday is the worst day to be on the roadway if you wish to prevent an injury after a vehicle mishap. Yet, as we kept in mind, other weekend days are likewise harmful. Why do more crashes take place on the weekends? According to the research study, more individuals are consuming alcohol on the weekends, and more individuals are likewise feeling unwinded after the work week. This causes more intoxicated driving crashes, in addition to vehicle mishap injuries arising from speeding and other kinds of careless driving.

Think it or not, the majority of vehicle mishap injuries and deaths in fact take place throughout heavy traffic on the majority of days of the week, or in between the hours of 4: 00 p.m. and 7: 00 p.m. A variety of these crashes arise from intoxicated motorists heading house after a pleased hour after a long day at work. If you have actually been hurt after a vehicle mishap, discuss your case with a vehicle mishap attorney.

Tips to Avoid Injuries After a Weekend Auto Accident

It is necessary to consider your individual security in addition to the security of others whenever you support the wheel of a car. Anybody who stops working to take correct care behind the wheel or after a car accident can be held accountable for damages. For instance, aggressive, careless, intoxicated, sleepy, and even sidetracked driving can lead to chauffeur liability for a crash. In circumstances like this, speaking with a vehicle mishap lawyer is important. The following list of safety tips from Edmunds.com to avoid automobile crashes and vehicle mishap injuries:

  • Just drive in the left lane, or “quick lane,” when you require to do so in order to pass another cars and truck;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Constantly scan the roadway in front of you for the length of a number of cars while likewise paying attention to the lorry straight in front of you;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Acknowledge the blind areas in your cars and truck and constantly look two times, utilizing your mirrors and looking behind you, prior to turning or altering lanes;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Keep your hands at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions so that you are prepared for any “fast maneuvering” to prevent entering an auto accident;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Keep your seat close enough to the wheel so that your wrist can rest on the top of the wheel with your arm outstretched– this position avoids your arms from getting tired out while your drive;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Take note of the condition of the automobiles around you, and be especially worried about automobiles that reveal an absence of chauffeur attention (such as harmed or unclean cars);-LRB- ***********************).
  • Know the efficiency limitations of the cars and truck you drive, and understand how your lorry responds in a wide array of conditions;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Keep your cars and truck correctly preserved, following maker’s standards for oil modifications, upkeep, and tire security;-LRB- ***********************).
  • Prevent driving at night if possible, acknowledging that more mishaps are most likely to take place in the late hours of the night due to sleepy driving and driving while intoxicated; and
  • Take a “high-performance driving school” class to enhance your own driving abilities.

If you or somebody you like sustained an injury after a vehicle mishap, you must speak to a car accident lawyer about your case.

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